World Changing Women – Brittany Earl

World Changing Women - Brittany Earl | MRSMADDIEMAC

What is your name? 

My forever name is Brittany Earl and I totally love the one who gave it me.

Tell us a little bit about yourself, and your background!  What was life like for you up until this point?

A little about me.. I’m probably the least interesting person on the planet so I will try not to bore anyone with my autobiography. 
I’m adopted from Minnesota. Raised in Arizona. Fast forward 29 years and here I am! I hunt, love animals that I’ll never be able to touch and will forever wish I was a Marvel superhero. I’m a reader. Archery and guns are my favorite past time.. I feel like I’m part little boy and part woman.. I think that’s a syndrome. I use humor to squirm out of situations that make me uncomfortable, but not as skillfully as Chandler Bing. I’ve got a lot going on over here but would always rather be watching western movies. Oh, yeah! I have three kids and am sick of watching Frozen. Seriously. Let it go. Life is good for me and I’m very grateful to be here and don’t know what I did to deserve it.

You may not remember, but the first (and maybe only?) time we hung out, you made such a big impression on me! I remember being taken aback thinking “Wow, this is someone that I want to look up to”.  From what a good mother you were to the way you spoke about your faith, I totally admired you from afar! 🙂 Now that I have my own daughter, I definitely respect and want to emulate some of the ways and methods you parent your kids.  How would you describe your parenting methods?

Thank you for the incredible compliment(s) and I for sure remember that night like it was yesterday! I was so happy to have met another Christian in a place where God is seemingly taboo.

My parenting style is.. we spank our kids butts and we hug after. We love, love, LOVE our babies but it’s not only biblical, but it is absolutely necessary to give your children boundaries and to set expectations for them and it’s okay to set the bar high, so long as you understand that it will take time for them to get there. My husband and I were raised by strict parents. We hated it. Loathed it, actually, and probably said we’d never “treat” our kids like “that”. NOW that’s just so silly to me. Of course we will “treat” (discipline) our kids like “that”(tough love). My goodness, I can’t get on board with the new parenting fads. I’m not my children’s friend. This entire concept of letting kids decide their temperament, attitude and boundaries has created a culture of entitlement and laziness. It’s okay to let your kids feel their emotions, but it’s not okay to let them be disrespectful because they’re expressing themselves. We’re raising our children so we can spoil our grandchildren and be our kids’ friends one day. But that day is not today and it’s not tomorrow either. Oh, and they’re totally getting the 90’s nostalgia experience. They drink from the hose, play in the mud, have chores, tons of toys and no phones until they’re 16 and then they get… FLIP PHONES, YAY!!

World Changing Women - Brittany Earl | MRSMADDIEMAC

Not only are you a mom of three, but you’re also a military wife! Has that been a hard dynamic to come into? I was in the military myself, but I think I would have a really hard time being on the other side of things… What are some things your family does to combat the challenges that active-duty military brings? 

It’s true. I’ve been a Marine wife for five years now. I’ve been alone a lot. More often than not, actually but my guy and I know that it’s us against the world rather than each other. We communicate and pray and we could make it 500 years active duty, if need be. We have great parents that have been our ultimate support system and a church that never stops praying for us. On the other hand. People have glorified military life due to movies and cultural references but it’s anything but glamorous. It can be quite isolating and the thing I’ve learned the most through this chapter in my life is what friendship looks like and what it doesn’t look like. Just being real here. It’s really hard to visit home and have these expectations that your life long friends have missed you enough to make time for you, but they don’t. Their lives have moved forward and that’s totally okay and I probably needed that wakeup call. I’ve learned that sometimes family is just something you call a relative or sibling and a friend is someone you refer to during a story that you’re telling but are only acquaintances now.. but sometimes something amazing happens. If you are really lucky, blessed, fortunate, whatever you want to call it.. you meet someone, a stranger, and that person becomes the friend you’ve needed your whole life. That person becomes your family in a way that you forget that you aren’t blood related. My husband and I share that same friend, a brother, really. If everything fell apart and my spouse was dishonorably discharged and we lost everything to our name, it still wouldn’t be a waste because we’ll always have our JP. That’s about as sentimental as I’ll be getting. Moving on!

You’re open about your Christianity, and how much that impacts your life.  I know it’s impossible to choose just ONE favorite, but what are your top 3 verses you live by?

Okay, so I’m a Bible thumper and what an honor it is to be seen for loving the Lord! We live in this time where people are filling their own cups with affirmations from sources that aren’t Godly and you know what that leaves you with? A lot of nothing. The scriptures that break my heart are the ones that remind me that I’m not worthy of any of my blessings. I’m not worthy of my health, or children or home or even a pulse.. but the God of the Universe loves me to the point of giving me those things anyway. These scriptures have stuck with me through my entire walk:

Jeremiah 17:9 KJV
“The heart is deceitful above all things and desperately wicked: who can know it?”

Revelation 1:8 KJV
“I am Alpha and Omega, the Beginning and the End, saith the Lord, who is and who was and who is to come, the Almighty.”

This is not scripture, but it’s a quote from a pastor that rings true every single day:
“The gospel isn’t ‘What Would Jesus Do?’ now go and DO that. The gospel says ‘this is what Jesus has DONE’ and to believe it.”

As if you weren’t talented enough already, you have your own blog! Which I have to say has brought me to tears on more than one occasion, you’re an incredible writer!  Has that been a fun creative outlet for you? Do you have a method to it, or just whatever inspires you to write about?

MY BLOG! I totally forget that I have one sometimes, but YES! It’s my outlet when the Lord is working in me or I’m trying to freeze a moment in time. I only write when something is brewing in my heart and I can’t actually tell someone about it because it isn’t interesting enough or even relevant. It’s kind of like my diary that will hopefully resonate with someone, somewhere, just once, if I’m lucky. I was kind of afraid no one would read it if I didn’t check all the boxes for a typical blog.. but soon I stopped caring and just started word vomiting on blank pages and I don’t really care who reads it anymore. I know my moms will always read it so I have two fans lol.

World Changing Women - Brittany Earl | MRSMADDIEMAC

Tell us about Ravens and Wolves! What is the story behind it, and what kinds of things do you create?

Ravens and Wolves was/is still making progress. I’m currently homeschooling my daughter and am enrolled in ministry school myself, so I had to put it all on hold to put my babies first.
 It’s a Christian clothing brand that allows you to minister without saying a word to anyone. The name sounds kind of dark and eerie due to my love for all things woodland, but the meaning is quite the opposite. To summarize, wolves and ravens are the only pair of animals to travel together intentionally. The ravens help the wolves find food, and the wolves share when they’re finished, sometimes eating right along side each other. The coolest part of it all, even if there is only one lone wolf, there will always be a raven. Much like Christ, when you are alone He’s always there.

What has been the proudest you’ve felt, and the most challenged you have been? What have you learned from those triumphs and struggles?

Okay so the proudest I have ever felt happens all the time when I see my babies praying without being reminded. It happens when someone asks me about the Lord and I can actually help them find the answers or minister to them in a way that makes them feel like a person and not an alien. Anytime I’m serving the Lord, I am so honored and proud of that person for just asking questions. That happens to me a lot more than not.. and the most frustrating part is when people don’t support them. Their inner circles don’t understand their need for God in their lives and will mock them, or tell them they’re crazy and it hurts my heart for that person. It’s made me grow in ways that only God can allow. I have to throw my hands up and say, “Okay, Lord. You’ve got this part.” It’s made me live my life in a way that I don’t ask questions anymore. When something not so good happens, I always know there’s a way through it (even if I cry about it first) because I serve the Lord who honors His promises. No matter the outcome, He never strays and that’s enough for my husband and me.

What change would you like to see in the world?  Do you think you can help achieve that?

The change I wish to see in the world… I wish all people valued baby lives in the womb. It’s out of my hands but I’ll never stop praying, marching and helping.

World Changing Women - Brittany Earl | MRSMADDIEMAC

What is your most embarrassing moment?

My most embarrassing moment that I can actually remember being mortified was..
When I had my son, my water wouldn’t stop gushing for over 20 minutes even after he was born! It was like when a guy pees in the morning for like 4 minutes straight, but it was 20+ minutes and they had to use sheets and blankets instead of towels.. and then in recovery after my surgery the next morning, I wouldn’t shut up about James Mattis and how soft our country has gotten had a crowd around my bed.. I’m a lightweight and always make a fool of myself while recovering. My poor husband!

If you could meet one person dead or alive who would you choose?

If I could meet one person dead or alive it’d be Chaos himself. James Mattis. I named my son after him so it’d be pretty dope to eat cheesecake with him.. Or knife-hand someone haha

World Changing Women - Brittany Earl | MRSMADDIEMAC


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