What’s In My Diaper Bag?

The “What’s In My Bag” trend has been circulating around YouTube and the pages of US Weekly for years. I remember standing in line at the grocery store while checking out and perusing the magazine pages to find out just what Zac Efron carried in his gym bag. Despite my fascination with celebrity bags and all the paraphernalia they carry, up until about a year ago, I didn’t so much as carry a purse. Now with a baby in tow, I have to haul around so many things I’m basically carrying a mobile closet. So exactly what IS in the diaper bag that makes my arm feel like it’s going to fall off?

What's In My Diaper Bag? | MRSMADDIEMAC


When I was pregnant with my daughter Isla, I knew one thing I wasn’t willing to skimp on… I HAD to have a nice diaper bag. It didn’t matter that I generally stuck my debit card in the back pocket of my jeans and called it a day in terms of carrying a purse, I knew not just any old backpack would do the trick. I considered a number of bags, but I was incredibly blessed to be gifted this Kate Spade diaper bag by my best friend Melanie, who happened to work at an outlet.

This bag was an incredibly thoughtful gift and has served me well. It is very roomy for all of the various baby gear I tote around, and that’s saying a lot!. However, the one thing I wish it came with was a backpack strap. That would just make it even better. Being able to sling it on my back would be so nice for the times I’ve walked to the car with my arms loaded up and balancing all the items I had to take with me. If you’re currently expecting, that’s a feature I’d consider when you’re registering for a diaper bag.

What's In My Diaper Bag? | MRSMADDIEMAC


DIAPERS – My diaper bag has two pouches on the inner compartment which is where I keep the diapers stocked up. I like putting them here because it contains them well and doesn’t let them get in the way of everything else that’s in the bag. While I was pregnant, of course I was reading everything on the internet about the best kinds to get and the pros and cons of each brand… Let me save you some time – Costco. Nothing I’ve found beats Kirkland brand in price and quality, and they’re literally going to be peed and pooped in, so you decide if you want to spend extra money on that!

WIPES– I say again – Costco. Kirkland brand is life!!! We’ve tried out almost every brand of wipe that you can think of, and we always come back to these. These are always a staple in my diaper bag, and are also stashed around my house in convenient places for diaper changing and cleaning up messes.

BREASTFEEDING COVER– Although I am in full support of mom’s who want to feed their baby in public without a cover, generally speaking I don’t feel comfortable doing so and always bring my cover along in case Isla gets hungry while we’re on the go. This one is from Target and is super cute! I love it because it also doubled as a car seat cover for when she was smaller.

Here’s another cute one for even cheaper!! ⬇️

Nursing Cover Multi Use 8 in 1 Baby Breastfeeding Infant Feeding Cover Baby Car Seat Covers Infant Stroller Cover Carseat Canopy Breathable with Free Matching Pouch

BOOGIE WIPES– These are a more recent discovery, and I purchased them after seeing Chelsea from Teen Mom (My ultimate girl crush) post about them on her Instagram stories. I don’t know why, but Isla has been having a runny/boogie nose constantly!! These wipes are a little more gentle on the face since they’re made with saline, and they help her not look like a rag-a-muffin. 🤪

ZIPLOC BAGS- I keep these tucked away in a zippered pouch on the inside of my diaper bag just in case I have to bring an outfit covered in 💩💩💩. The last thing you want is for that to get all over the other contents of the bag!

SUNSCREEN – I love the Hello Bello brand of sunscreen for babies, and I keep this tucked in the inner pouch just in case we’re going to be outside and in the sun for a while. That doesn’t happen a lot this time of year… I’m a weenie with the hot weather! Give me alllll the AC! This brand is awesome though, no chemicals to worry about on baby’s skin, and it smells like fruit loops!

SNACKS – Now that my daughter is getting older and starting to teethe, she’s able to handle a wider variety of foods! I posted about these last week in –What You Should Know About Baby Led Weaning. These are super handy for when we’re out somewhere and she’s getting fussy. A little cookie can keep her occupied for a long time with only having one tooth!

TOYS- Another must have for keeping a baby occupied if you need to console them for a little longer while you’re out and about. We have a basket of toys that we cycle in and out, but I always put one or two in my daughters carseat, and then they find their way into here when she throws them on the ground.

EXTRA OUTFIT – (MAYBE TWO) – This is a no-brainer of course but you’d be surprised at how often I’ve neglected this key item. 🤦🏼‍♀️My advice: pack more clothes than you think you need. WAY more than you need. In fact, stash more outfits in your car in the center console so that when you think you have enough and come across an unexpected blow out, you won’t become frantic and stressed out. After some #momfails of my own, I now have two emergency kits with baby items stashed in various places in case of this very scenario. I have had to bring Isla home in only a diaper more than once, and it’s so embarassing! I store my extra outfit for her folded up in the side pocket of the diaper bag.

I hope seeing some of what I bring along for my baby helps you and your little one out!



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