Traditions I Want to Create With Our Kids

Let me set the scene for you of where I was at when I wrote this list… It was August 2017, which was a couple of years ago now, and my husband I were still dealing with infertility struggles. I was still active duty in the Marine Corps, and I was standing barracks duty, which basically means I had to sit at a desk for 24 hours and make sure no one burned the place down. Now, technically there are other tasks like roving and police calling and make sure I enforced regulations, but anyone who knows me knows I can’t stay awake for anything when I get tired so at a certain point, it was all I could do to not fall asleep. I was sitting at the duty desk, and for whatever reason I was really reflecting on the family I wanted to create and the things I wanted to do together once we finally had our children. The loss of our son Forrest was still fresh, and although the pain of that miscarriage was overwhelming, I had faith that God would provide us children through one means or another and I knew I would eventually get to fulfill my desire to become a mom. So, most likely while chugging a white Monster, (My old energy drink of choice!) I made a list of the things I was most excited to do with my future family. Looking back on this list today makes me smile. 😊 Now, we’re blessed with our beautiful baby girl and have already gotten to do a lot of these things together! Creating a memorable, loving childhood is so important to me and I want to be a very intentional parent when it comes to this. I think a really good way to do this is through traditions! We already have some in our family that we practice, and I want to make even more! Here’s a round up of what I have so far, and some that I want to create!

My list of what I was excited to do with our babies one day. Some of these double as traditions!

Birthday Donut –

For as long as I can remember, every year on my birthday my mom would come into my room in the morning and wake me up singing “Happy Birthday” with a donut that had a candle in it. I’m not sure how this originated, but it has stood the test of time and has carried on to my brothers, and now me and my own family! I’m pretty sure the first year we were married I told my husband “You will get me a donut tomorrow”… And he did! Now I do the same for him, and even make sure I get up nice and early to go get them fresh from Shipley’s Donuts the morning of. Isla hasn’t celebrated a birthday yet, but you better believe she’ll be getting one too! I can’t wait to start this with her.

Matching Christmas Pajamas

This was something I had heard of other families doing, and was a tradition I started the first year Drew and I were married. The first couple of years I actually sewed them myself… That first picture with the snowflake bottoms, I knew we were going to Texas for Christmas and waited until the week-of to start sewing eight pairs! I originally had the intention of making them for everyone we were going to spend Christmas Eve with, but now that we have Isla and our own little family unit, I scaled it back to just us. Year 3 we had just moved into our house and I procrastinated and got lazy… Those blue plaid fleece were the best Walmart had to offer that I could find everyone’s size! This past Christmas Isla was only nine days old, but my Grandma managed to gather up some extra fabric and sew her a mini pair too! Maybe I’m weird, but I love matching! Twinning is winning!


  • Something for the first day of school – I’m not sure what this will look like yet, but I definitely want to create some sort of tradition for the Back to School time. I already make it a point to read regularly to my daughter and I want my kids to be excited about learning and the new year that lies ahead. I love fresh starts and new beginnings whether that be the first of the month, or even just Monday! Maybe we’ll do something fun the night before or morning of as family? Let me know if you have any ideas on this!
  • Special Meals – I bought Joanna Gaines’ cook book that she released, and I love her recipes and that they’re very easy to recreate, but also that she tells a little bit about the origin of each recipe and what it means to her family. One of my favorite recipes is her Chicken & Wild Rice soup recipe, and she shares in the Magnolia Table cook book that she only makes it for her family on New Years Eve so they really look forward to it since that meal only comes around once a year. I made it this past New Years Eve and originally thought I might do the same, but it was just too good!! It has easily been one of my family’s most favorite meals that I make. I do like the idea of making special meals for certain events though… I think a lot of family memories are centered around the table and meals shared together. I need to start upping my cooking game! Maybe we can start doing a special meal for certain “not as important” holidays? I’m still working this one out as well!

I love having traditions and making memories with my family as I’m sure most of you do. Let me know what things you and your family enjoy doing! I would love to get more ideas and maybe implement them into my own routine.



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