Top 5 Fitness Must Haves

When it comes to fitness, I have been all across the board in terms of ability. Over the last 5 years I’ve gone from being in peak physical performance where I could earn a 1st class score on the Marine Corps physical fitness test to where I could barely sit up without help after having a c-section. I know how difficult it can be when life happens and pushes you further from the place you were at with your own health and wellness. The important thing is to not get discouraged! Whether you want to train for a half marathon, or even if taking some nightly walks around the neighborhood would do it for you, physical fitness is so important to having strong mental health and living a good life. Everybody and every body is beautiful and designed with intention by your creator, so the goal isn’t necessarily to lose weight, but to live as your best, happy self. Sometimes though, I know I need a kick in the butt to get up and get going, so here are my Top 5 Fitness Must Have’s that might make getting that workout in just a little bit easier.

Fabletics Leggings

The first item on my list, I never thought I would consider a must-have. I got two pairs of Fabletics Leggings on a sale for $24, intending on taking the deal and never re-purchasing, but I am going to be slowly phasing out my activewear to these. I’ve never been the type of person to really spend a lot on workout clothes, I have tons of cute leggings from Walmart that are great as well, but after having a baby and trying to get back into shape I find myself going back again and again to my Fabletics leggings. Before having Isla, I hated anything high wasted… “Just wait”, I was told, “After you have a baby, you’ll appreciate the support.” Low and behold friends, I stand corrected! Your skin just isn’t the same post-pregnancy, and these leggings have such a nice thick band tcanvahat it really holds you in and keeps you feeling supported even while you run and do high impact exercises. I can now appreciate the high quality of more expensive workout pants, and I could definitely justify myself spending the extra money on pairs like these.

Asics Shoes

I seriously debated including these in the favorites, because they’re so worn out and I was embarrassed to include a picture of them! These babies have been with me through early morning PT sessions, runs on the beach, and through the hills behind Las Flores on Camp Pendleton. I’ve tried out several different brands of shoes from Nike to New Balance, and by far Asics are my favorite. They offer better support and balance like no other shoe out there. The ones I have are the “Gel Nimbus 18’s”, and have lasted me well over three years of continuous use, so they can take a beating!

Wireless Head Phones

This should be #1 on the list, because if I don’t have good music, FORGET about a good workout! I like really uptempo songs that will keep my feeling energized and motivated. I’ll make do with any headphones if I have to, but since I switched to wireless headphones it has been a game changer! I hate when you go to move or do something and rip the dumb cord out of your ear. These ones are the JLAB brand, I’ll link them below! They are amazing quality for a really reasonable price! I wanted the Beats headphones but could not justify spending so much money on them. These are a great compromise! They also have an incredible battery life. I use them almost every day, and feel like I never have to charge them!

This is my Go-To Playlist!! I like very upbeat and high energy songs to work out to. As you can see, it’s all across the board as far as genres! My favorite song of the moment is “High Hopes” by Panic at the Disco 🎶

Nike Sports Bras

Ok, I know I mentioned skin not being the same post pregnancy… Let’s be real, the girls just aren’t the same either. Mom’s out there, you feel me! 😅So in short, a good bra is necessary for me to be able to get through a workout. I have used lots of different brands of sports bras over my years, but the tried and true for me would be Nike. Out of all the bras I own, I reach for these more than any other. I am definitely looking to expand my sports bra collection though, so if I come across any other good finds I’ll report back! I only have two of these, so I have to do a lot of laundry, and who likes laundry? 🤪


I only started implementing ZipFizz in my workout routine recently, but I think it has definitely made a big difference. ZipFizz is a powder that you mix with your standard 16oz water bottle to get a natural energy drink with none of the bad-for-you ingredients that traditionally come in Monster or Redbull drinks. It’s made with B vitamins only, so you don’t get any crazy rush or hard crash after you drink it, and it’s just enough to feel a little pep in your step before hitting the treadmill. It does have caffeine in it, so talk to your doctor or do your own research prior to drinking it if you are sensitive to caffeine.

That rounds out my Top 5 Fitness Must Haves! I have enjoyed getting back into being physically active, and trying to feel my best postpartum. Even if you’re not in a season of life where you’re trying to make a dramatic physical change, everyone can benefit from the endorphins exercise brings. Try some of these products out for yourself, and see if they help you feel more motivated or ready to tackle a hard work out! Or, tell me what your must haves are down in the comments below.



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