ORGANIZE WITH ME – Pantry Edition!

ORGANIZE WITH ME - Pantry Edition! MrsMaddieMac

Taking the time to organize my pantry was one of the BEST things I ever did! Beforehand, there would be bags and boxes littered across the shelves and I never knew what I did or didn’t have on hand. Often times my husband would go to the store and buy something we already had, just because he didn’t know if we had it or not! Being able to see all of the food staples we have organized, and neatly put away has helped tremendously.

Here’s a video of the before! It’s embarassing! 🙈

If the “before” video is what your pantry currently looks like – not to worry! 😉 I’m linking all the products I used, and sharing where to find the cheapest organization items so you can get your food storage under control too.



ORGANIZE WITH ME - Pantry Edition! MrsMaddieMac

These baskets on my bottom shelf are from Target, and the most expensive item in this organization haul. These are about $20 a piece, but are fairly large and hold a lot of food or dried goods!


These white baskets on my middle shelf are actually from the Dollar Tree! #affordable 😉 They are actually great quality, and have held up really well over time. I actually have these, and other Dollar Store organization items in my house in multiple areas! While there isn’t a link for these specifically, check your local store and I will link some other similar options!


These clear acrylic organizers are my FAVORITE! The ones I have are OXO brand, and can be pretty pricey if you buy them piece by piece. However, I found a 10 pack at Costco on sale last year for around $60 (a big savings!) that rounded out my collection perfectly! Definitely keep an eye out for that sale, they have done it more than once! If you or someone you know is not a Costco member, then I believe Amazon is the cheapest price for these. While they may be an investment up front (About $10-$15 per item), I have to say they have proved themselves worth every penny over the past year that I have been using them. The airtight pop top seal makes the food stay fresh much longer than a haphazardly rolled up top, and protects from ants. They also stack on top of one another nicely, and save tons of room!


This can organizer was something I had been eyeing for weeks before purchasing it, and was so excited when it came in the mail! Am I so weird or what? This is the exact one I have from Amazon. I love this, because it allows you to store so many canned goods in a relatively small space. It also will roll the next can down once one is removed, so that is extra handy.


My husband will make fun of me, I like to label everything! My mother in law is the same way 😊 This label maker has been my best friend, and I have used it in many more places than just our pantry to organize our home. I love the embossed black tape and how it really pulls the whole pantry organization together!

While buying all of these pieces at once may be a bit of a splurge, you can definitely organize your home with bins or pieces you already have. Definitely don’t go out and spend a bunch of money if that isn’t something that is realistic for you and your family. Personally, I acquired all of this over the span of several months. I have also seen videos of organization hauls done entirely from the Dollar Tree that look amazing! They have awesome stuff there!

Organizing my pantry has been such a game changer for us because I have actually kept up on it! It has stayed this way for over a year now and rarely gets messy or out of hand because everything has a home. Being functional, as well as pretty is super important!

Having an organized home brings me so much contentment! Are you someone who is similar in nature, or do you thrive in controlled chaos? Let me know, and if there’s any other areas of the home you’d like to see me tackle! ❤️


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