How To Make Your Home Cozy For Fall | Easy & Affordable Decor!

It may still be 80+ degrees in Texas, but it is now OFFICIALLY fall!!!! This has been my favorite time of the year for as long as I can remember, and I get so excited every year when the summer finally draws to an end and the season changes into (*slightly*) cooler weather. There is something so magical to me about all of the things fall encompasses!

One of my favorite things to do with the changing season is to decorate my home. I am a total homebody by nature anyway, and I love the excuse to make it even more cozy and inviting!

While I do love to shop for decor, I try to be mindful about spending as well. One of my favorite You-Tubers Natalie Bennett, talks about re-using and re-purposing decor items, and I try and incorporate that myself as much as possible. I love the idea of my kids seeing the same pieces year after year and feeling sentimental when they see them brought out to signal the change of season.

I did purchase a few things this year, but you can accomplish a lot of this with a very small budget, OR re-use items you probably already have around the house! Here’s how I made my home more cozy for the fall time.


Easy & Affordable Fall Decor

Hands down, this is my favorite thing to do by far! I love decorating my porch for the change of season, and seeing the mums and piles of pumpkins makes me so happy!

I did purchase a new wreath this year since our old Fall one was falling apart. Don’t be fooled into paying $50+ or more for a wreath though!!! This one is super cute and was $20 at Walmart. Walmart has some amazing finds!

Another money saving tip is to re-use the doormats from year to year! This white and black mat was actually under my dogs food bowls prior to moving it out here, and I have had the “Home Sweet Home” mat for much longer as well.

Oh, one last thing! I do plan on going to a pumpkin patch with my family, BUT.. the pumpkins are way cheaper at HEB or Walmart! Save money wherever you can, and little kids won’t know the difference 😉


Easy & Affordable Fall Decor
These mercury glass candles were only 0.30 cents each! 😱 Can you believe it?

I don’t think anything is more cozy than some twinkle lights! I got these ones in the Target dollar spot, and I believe the Dollar Store has these as well. These just bring such a fun, festive feel in my opinion! You could incorporate these in tons of places in the home, but I chose in my Rae Dunn hutch.


Easy & Affordable Fall Decor

I know I can’t be the only one that goes crazy for some fall scented candles!! 😜 I save burning mine as long as I possibly can!

I do love Bath and Body Works fall candles, but you definitely don’t have to spend $24.50. Either shop them while they’re on sale (what I usually do), or check out your local HomeGoods or TJ Maxx. I’ve found great options there as well.

Another thing I have done is check out the Target dollar spot section right *after* the holiday or season is over. A couple years ago I picked up a ton of these mercury glass candles (pictured above) that are so cute for 0.30 cents each! I have these stashed all over my house, and they look cute as well as smell good.


Changing out your table settings is another fun way to bring about the change of season! This is one that I haven’t tackled yet myself…. I love the way this one looks though, I might have to try and recreate it! (📸 – Pinterest)

I’ve also gotten good inspiration from some home decor Instagram accounts I follow. @myhouseof8 is one of my favorites, and has some good ideas on #tendollartablescape ‘s that you can try! Super affordable, yet makes a huge difference.


Easy & Affordable Fall Decor
Isla loved it so much and didn’t want to share with me!

Ok, if you live in Texas you might not be ready for a ton of blankets quite yet… But you can turn the AC down and pretend like we do! I saw a debate on Facebook recently… How low do you keep your thermostat? Ours is set to 69 degrees year round! Are we crazy?

We were in need of some couch blankets, and I love the incredibly soft ones that HomeGoods or TJ Maxx has! Now, we just have to make sure our dogs don’t claim them as their own!

A Bonus Tip! ⤵️

A super cheap way to incorporate seasonal decor is to change out the dish towels on your oven/dishwasher! Usually you can find a set for $5 or less, and re-use them year to year as long as they don’t get too gross. I have a big pile that I change out! Don’t under estimate the Dollar Store either! They have some really good finds there!

I hope this helps inspire you, and give you some fall cheer! Tag me if you use any of these tips, I would love to see what you come up with!


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  1. Praju says:

    Wow! Beautiful! I am just imagining my home with such a beautiful decoration.. Thanks for sharing.. I was in search of something like this.. 😊

  2. Such cute ideas!! I love decorating for Fall most of all. 🙂

  3. Mars says:

    String lights! I love the way these look but haven’t figured out if I should if get them or where I’d put them. I do have perfect candles for fall though 😊

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