Green Chef Review

These days it seems like the to-do lists are never ending! I love to cook, don’t get me wrong, but the last thing I want to do after I’ve taken care of a baby and ran around doing errands all day is come home and cook dinner. My husband Drew and I have had scrambled eggs for dinner more times than I’d like to admit, because life just gets crazy and sometimes cooking is just another box to check off. My best friend introduced me to Green Chef, which is a meal kit subscription box that will send you personalized meals to your door via UPS, and it has been a total game changer for us. It totally takes the work out looking up a recipe, going to the grocery store and back, putting left overs in the fridge that no one really wants to eat, and then throwing out a gross tupperware container a week or so later… I tried a box free before I signed up, and I was sold! At the end of this post I will have a link if you would like to sign up and get $55 off your first box! Here’s my thoughts after eating several Green Chef meals and if I think the subscription box is worth it.

Green Chef Review - Is this subscription meal kit worth it?


The first thing I noticed when I went to Green Chef’s site to sign up was how amazing the meals looked. Seriously, just presentation and marketing wise alone I think they really blow other meal kit delivery services out of the water! Their photos will make anyone hungry 😋But of course none of that is important if the food doesn’t actually taste good, so I selected my choices for the meals I wanted and waited to see. Each week there are six different options you can choose from for each plan. As far as plans, there are keto, paleo, plant powered, and balanced living options to choose from. You can also choose vegetarian, pescetarian, or vegan options as well within the plans, so there are so many options! I love that the Green Chef menu is super customizable, so even if you’re on a restrictive diet you can still enjoy their food, which I thought was really cool. No one in my family has any eating restrictions, so I chose the “Balanced Living” box, but I did customize my plan to not receive lamb as a protein.

Green Chef Review - Is this subscription meal kit worth it?
Some of my favorite recipes that we’ve tried! Cuban Chicken with Chimichurri was amazing!


The Green Chef box arrives on your front door when it’s delivered by UPS, and it has an insulation insert as well as ice packs to make sure the food stays fresh and cold. In the times I have ordered I have never had an issue with the box arriving melted or with food that had gone bad. The meat is usually at the bottom, right on top of the ice packs, and is shipped frozen. Inside the box, the meals are split up into separate recyclable bags.

Green Chef Review - Is this subscription meal kit worth it?
The inside of a Green Chef box just after being opened. Underneath these bags there are ice packs with the frozen meat or proteins of choice.

Inside each bag comes everything you will need to make each meal, preportioned and ready to go. There are also handy recipe cards that walk you step by step through making the dish. It couldn’t be more convenient! Most of the time there is just some chopping, mixing, or sauteeing to do. I’ve never had one of these meals take very long to make at all.

Green Chef Review - Is this subscription meal kit worth it?


This is the kicker for me, and what sets Green Chef apart in my mind from other options out there. All of the meals are (mostly) organic, and are incredibly fresh tasting. The barbeque meatloaf, was by far the best meatloaf I have ever had. I can say the same about a number of the other dishes as well! I wouldn’t say I’ve had one “bad” meal yet! This is not a fault on behalf of Green Chef, but I’ve since adjusted my subscription to take pork off of my protein choices. I think this will let us enjoy the food even more than we already do. I’m more of a chicken, steak or shrimp type of girl, and all of the meals we’ve had with those have been amazing!

Green Chef Review - Is this subscription meal kit worth it?


This is the one negative for me with the Green Chef subscription, and it’s that they are a bit pricey. For my current plan, the balanced living for 2 people with 3 meals a box, it is $78.93 a box. This works out to be about $25 a meal, or $11.50 per serving. Of course, as a standard rule, it’s always cheaper to make food at home yourself, but the way I justify spending that amount is comparing the price to what my husband and I usually spend if we eat out, and when we don’t have anything in the pantry, we default to this more than I would like. Even if we just go through the Chick-Fil-A drive through, we’re coming out somewhere close to that price per meal after all is said and done. Plus, you’re paying for convenience, which I think is worth more than most give it credit for! No grocery store runs with a baby? Yes please.


I certainly think so, but the only way you’ll be able to decide for yourself is if you try it! You can save $55 off your first box by using my link below. I can’t wait to see if you guys like it as much as me and my family do!

I would definitely say that I was pleasantly surprised by my experiences with Green Chef, and will continue to repurchase in the future. I may try out some other options as well, just to have a more broad experience for further reviews. Have you ever tried a meal kit subscription box? Let me know in the comments below! 📦



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