Hi everyone!! So glad you found your way to my blog! My name is Madilyn Maclellan, but everyone calls me Maddie! Here’s a bit about me.

I’m a California raised, Texas livin’, twenty something, wife and new mom! My family is my world, and is my WHY. I consider myself multi-passionate and creative, I’ve always admired those who have their one-true calling but my interests are all across the board! I enjoy everything from cooking, home decor, and beauty to snowboarding, welding and fishing. I’m sure a little bit of all of that will end up on this blog!

I have been married to my husband Drew for almost 4 years now. We met and got married while we were both active duty in the Marine Corps. That was a crazy time, but some of the most fun memories I have! We were stationed in Camp Pendleton, CA but when I finished my enlistment we moved to Texas where we live now. We knew we wanted to start a family right away, we both love kids so much! After experiencing a period of infertility which was a very trying season for us, on December 14th, 2018 we were blessed with our beautiful daughter Isla! We’ve started a weekly vlog over on our YouTube channel to document our adventures and memories of our life with our baby. Go check us out over there!

I might be bias since she’s mine, but Isla is the PERFECT baby! I adore being a mom so much, it’s my favorite role and favorite job I’ve ever done! It has it’s tiring moments for sure, but I wouldn’t trade it for the world. I’ve been incredibly blessed that my husband works hard to provide for us, and I’ve been primarily able to work from home to get to take care of Isla every day. Don’t get me wrong, I love this dynamic and am certainly not complaining, but it *does* get lonely from time to time with only a baby to talk to! That’s why I started my blog, in hopes to connect in community with other moms or women like me out there. My hope is that you can find something you relate to here, and feel inspired to tackle whatever season of life you’re in. Thanks for being here!!